Helen B. GarrettFriday 1:45pm "De-mystifying FERPA"

When approaching college and university registrars for student contact information we are often met with the heavy hand of FERPA telling us that we are not privy to this valuable information. Dr. Helen B. Garrett, University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services at the University of Washington, shares her insights as a national trainer on FERPA to de-mystify this federal privacy law. Helen's overview of FERPA will provide guidance on how to navigate its requirements to accomplish our outreach goals.

Helen Garrett joined the University of Washington in February 2016 as the inaugural University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services. Helen brought to the UW an extensive work background in Admissions, Registration, Student Affairs, and Systems Enrollment Management from Lane Community College (OR), University of Oregon, Whittier College, University of Southern California, and Michigan State University.

Since arriving to the UW, Helen, in her new capacity as the liaison to UW-Information Technology for Enrollment Management was able to lead teams to implement a Preferred Names policy and practice and the Enrollment Confirmation System. Helen has served as the president of the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers, and has held additional leadership positions in state, regional, and national professional organizations. Helen is professional national trainer on FERPA and presents at conferences on issues related to professional development. Helen holds a bachelor of arts in Business Administration and a masters of arts in College and University Administration from Michigan State University, and a doctorate in Education from Oregon State University's Community College Leadership Program.